Sprinting Through Pain: Junior Shares Her Love for Sports


Gracelyn Geijsel

Sophomore Mallory Sanders practices her love for basketball in her free time. “i’ve always loved basketball ever since I was a little girl. I’m glad Iv’e got to further my skills and develop my love for this sport, Sanders said.

Ashley Odom, Reporter

   The girl kneeled in agony, holding tears in as she held onto her throbbing knee. Thepain spread through her leg, and she wondered if she would be able to play sportsagain. She was scared, anxious and sweaty, but she knew that this single injury couldn’tstop her from doing what she loved. She hoped, she knew that one day she would beactive again.   It took sophomore Mallory Sanders two years to recover from her anterior cruciateligament injury (ACL), which was twice the normal amount for an ACL injury recovery.  “I really thought this injury was going to be the reason I had to quit sports,” Sanderssaid.  For as long as she could remember, being in sports and staying active has beenSander’s positive outlet in life.  “It’s been something I’ve always done when I’ve needed to think, or relax, or to makemyself feel better when I was down,” Sanders said.No matter the cut or bruise, Sanders would always find a way to stay fit and active.  “I’ve had many injuries my whole life,” Sanders said. “But none of which have beentoo bad to the point where I’ve completely had to stop doing sports.”The experience of having all these injury’s prompted sanders to look at careers thatwould help others who got the same injury“I want to be something in the athletic industry,” Sanders said. “Not sure what just yet,as there are so many career options for me to choose from, but I know I do.”
   Sanders says she always feels the most like her better self whenever she’s being
active.  “I feel the most myself when I’m running the path in cross country or blocking the ballsin basketball,” Sanders said. “Doing sports is my safe place.”