What is a “Perfect Body”?

Adrianna Romero, Reporter

Take a minute and think; What does your perfect life looks like in the future? If you said something about your body, you’re just like pretty much everyone. The concept of being the most attractive is always being projected to the current and upcoming generations to the extent that it’s now causing health issues to have an uprise. There have always been an image in people’s minds of what the perfect human looks like. Typically for women its skinny, attractive, small waisted, big busts and tan. While for men its muscular/strong, tall, athletic and tan. These standards are set by society and everyone is expected to conform to them without question, but what is truly a “perfect body”?

   Having a good body doesn’t define who you are. There is a line between being fit and being underweight or overweight. Here’s the difference.

   Being underweight can cause some serious health issues such as Anorexia, Bulimia, having a weak immune system, hair loss and fragile bones. In the long run these symptoms can have an even greater effect. The perfect body weight for a 5’4’’ woman is 110 to 140 pounds. Going under this weight would be lower than the body mass index doctors recommend, which is 18.5. The average weight for 5’9’’ man is 128 to 162 pounds.

  The way you look at yourself will be the defining line on whether you think you have a perfect body or not. No one can tell you that you’re not perfect. If you believe you look great, then everyone else will see you shine. The image that is sold to this generation is not how all people should strive to look like just because you were told to. You should be the best you that you can be.

  Some people may say that I’m wrong about this matter, but I’m really not. There is a problem of people trying to conform to this image in their heads just because they were told they have to look a certain way. That’s not reality. Everyone should be themselves if they choose to be.

   The perfect body is a body you’re happy and comfortable in and with. If you aren’t happy with your current  weight, there are ways to lose it in a healthy way which doesn’t involve starving yourselves. For instance, you can diet and have a exercise regiment.

   A perfect body isn’t what the society tells us but is whatever you think it is. Everyone has a mind and opinion of their their own. You choose how people perceive you, if you’re proud of yourself then they will be proud of you as well.

  With all this said, does your future still look the same when you picture it?