The Champions' Journal

Junior Gracelyn Geijsel thumbs through her feed on Instagram. “When I found Emily’s
Instagram I had a realization that I wanted to do what she did.”

Home Run Passion turns into career

Emilee Gurrola, Reporter/Copy Editor
October 27, 2022
Words DO Hurt

Words DO Hurt

Morgan (Lou) Nations and Emilee Gurrola, Reporter/Copy Editor
February 2, 2022
Head in the clouds

Head in the clouds

Aleah Cerros, Reporter
February 1, 2022
Rise and shine! it’s fishing fishing time!
Preparing for the Whitney tournament, Clayton Easter practices casting. Clayton Easter is on
the  Bass Club team that competes in 5 tournaments a year. The tournament is
on February 12 at Lake Whitney.

Reeling in the Memories

Tesla Sams, Sports Reporter
February 1, 2022
Mexican Americans that grow up in the U.S.can feel disconnected from their Hispanic roots when their parents dont teach them their native Spanish language or about their culture and history.

‘Una Chicana’

Morgan Lou Nations, Reporter/Copy Editor/Editorial Editor
February 1, 2022
Students suffering with mental health issues compare mental illness to the feeling of being strangled or suffocated.

Hidden Monster Within

Elisabeth Cochran/Ashley Odom, Reporter/Copy Editor
January 27, 2022
Junior aspires to be musician

Junior aspires to be musician

Vickie Amos, Advisor
November 19, 2021
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