Where do I go from here?

College brings new possibilities


Maegan Hall

Senior Elisabeth Cochran eagerly decides the college of her dreams as she puts forth time and energy into evaluating different opportunities. “During my free time, I explore colleges near my area in order to gain a better perspective of what is available to me.”

Maegan Hall, Reporter

   As senior Elisabeth Cochran fills out applications for scholarships, she struggles with the discouraging feelingof deciding her whole life before adulthood. She mourns the loss of childhood as sheprogresses toward the end of grade twelve, and thinks about getting into college.   Cochran feels the immense strain that comes with college readiness and thedevastating side effects of this stress on the person.   “The pressure of getting into a good college had begun near the end of my junioryear.” Cochran said.   Even though it is standard practice to begin filling out applications and scholarshipsfor college junior year, there is no comparison to the pressure time holds over you.
   “I had already been stressed about college junior year, but nothing compared to the
pressure that would fall on my shoulders senior year. I had begun to feel isolated fromthe activities I once enjoyed,” Cochran said.   Cochran has been in the band for over six years, establishing herself as anexperienced flutist.   “I have been considering participating in a college band to continue expressing mylove for the arts,” Cochran said. “I am on the fence about joining the band, but it is extremelytime-consuming and would take away focus from my studies.”   As her last year of school begins, the sense that childhood is ending can besaddening, and the thought of leaving high school can make graduating seem like a lifewithout a safety net.   “I am afraid of leaving my family, the life I’ve always known, and finances,” Cochransaid.   Over 39 million American college students dropped out of school last year due to thestress of leading a new life.   “Despite the difficulty of accepting the concept of college, I am excited about movingout of Stephenville and gaining a sense of independence,” Cochran said.   Conclusively, college brings a lot of stress, uneasiness, and lack of support. Despitethese downsides, college also brings opportunity, individualism, and new experiences.So, in the end, all of the hassles are worth it.   “I am fully aware that going to college is a nerve wracking experience, yet theexcitement of beginning a new chapter of my life is worth all the worry,” Cochran said.