Home Run: Passion turns into career


Emilee Gurrola

Junior Gracelyn Geijsel thumbs through her feed on Instagram. “When I found Emily’s Instagram I had a realization that I wanted to do what she did.”

Emilee Gurrola, Reporter/Copy Editor

   Scrolling through Instagram, she came across Emily Jones’s page, who was a field reporter forthe Texas Rangers. A lightbulb went off in her head; this was the career for her.   “When I learned about broadcasting and how it could tie into one of my passions, I knew it’dbe something I wanted to do,” said Gracelyn Geijsel.   After dedicating years of her life to softball, Geijsel realized she couldn’t make her dreamcareer a reality. After all, baseball is more popular than softball, and girls can’t play baseball.   “I really love softball, I’ve been playing since the 3rd grade, but I couldn’t see myself playingprofessionally, it’s just so intimidating. Not to mention most people kinda forget about softballand only think of baseball more,” Geijsel said.   Luckily, Geijsel didn’t have to worry too much about starting her journey into journalism.   “When I found out about broadcasting, I decided to go into yearbook my sophomore year andthen take newspaper junior year,” Geijsel said.   Although yearbook was fun, Geijsel really wanted to get a grip for things dealing withjournalism.   “I liked taking pictures for yearbook, but I wanted to know what journalism was really about.   Yearbook  just wasn’t challenging enough for me,” Geijsel said.   When it came time to make her schedule, Geijsel promptly chose newspaper and was excited tofurther her skills.   “I haven’t been in newspaper long, but I’m excited to see what I can do. I’m really glad I foundout about broadcasting and how it could tie into my passion,” Geijsel said.   Although not finished with her high school career, Geijsel is excited for what the future holds.
   “I’m really eager to see where I’ll end up and hopefully one day I’ll have my dream job, but
for now I’ll just keep learning more and retaining all sorts of information to help me later on inmy life,” Geijsel said.