Junior aspires to be musician


Vickie Amos, Advisor

   Standing in front of the audience at church, he sings the first couple of words to the song ‘Faith and Wonder’ 

 “This name that shakes the mountaintops, the only word that breaks the curses off…”

   Looking at this normal teenage boy that runs cross country and track, a person might not realize that under this exterior beats the heart of an artist.

   Junior Noah Hansen enjoys a variety of things at school such as friends, sports and newspaper/journalism class, but his biggest love is music.

   “My big dream is to pursue music full time,” Noah said.

   Noah wants to run track at college and major in sound engineering or music.

  “I think at this point I have my groove with the actual writing and coming up with lyrics and chords but the technical side is what I’m lacking in,” Noah said.

   Noah says he can’t attribute his interest in music to just one person.

“Both my parents are lead worship pastors,” Noah said. “My dad has been playing guitar at church for 20 years, and my youth pastor was a musician and songwriter.”

 Noah has been performing his music at church and at district and national church competitions for up to 500 people.   

“I found my happy place in being able to write a song,” Noah said. “If you can portray and explain yourself through music and through something that other people can experience as well when they are having the same thoughts, then you can touch people and inspire them.”

Noah Hansen performs one of his songs in the choir room. (Cinthia Ruiz)

   Noah has performed at various venues which has given him experience and confidence.

  “I’ve performed at a fine arts convention in Waxahachie and the National Fine Arts Competition in Orlando–also at church,” Noah said. “ Going to competitions has  exposed me to different types of artists which has inspired me.”

   Noah encourages everyone to pursue their dreams no matter what.

   “Don’t let dreams just be dreams. Make a goal and work hard to make it happen.”