What’s the point?

Senior discovers her purpose in life, excited for her future.


Morgan Nations, Reporter/Editorial

“Why are we here?”
“What is my purpose?”
It is rare for a teenage girl to already know her purpose in life, but Tesla Sams takes pride in
her realization. This was discovered with 17 years worth of support from her family and friends.
“I just love my mom and my boyfriend. They are just so caring,” Tesla said.
Tesla’s mother and father have always been huge supporters of her choices in life and have
guided her to excel.
“My dad taught me to always be the bigger person, avoid conflict, and to never judge a book
by its cover,” Tesla said.
Life threw many hurdles her way as she tried to discover herself.
“Junior year was the worst school year ever. My social life and school stressed me out so
much, I was depressed but I made it out,” Tesla said.
She had made up her mind about who she was going to be and what her purpose was.
“I look at society and just see so much hate and anger,”Tesla said. “I want to spread positivity
like my parents taught me. I now know that my purpose is to just keep grooving through life and
to make others happy.”