Coronavirus restrictions take a toll

on cheer squad


Sara Battenfield at Hometown Sports Photography

The cheer squad competes at the 2021 UIL Spirit State Championship.

   Due to the coronavirus, the cheer squad is making adjustments in preparation for the UIL  Spirit State Championship on January 15, 2021 at 8 a.m. The competition is held in the Fort Worth Convention Center. 

    Although Coronavirus is making an impact on this cheer season, the squad is dedicated and is still up every morning and afternoon getting in extra work time. 

     “We have to practice so much more due to the pandemic, because when one of our girls gets quarantined we can only do some parts of the routine without them, and when they get back we need extra practices to work on what we couldn’t without them” Erin Gunter, a member of the squad said. 

     The early practices get exhausting after a while and some girls want to give up. 

     “Practices, meetings, functions, and stress got to me,” Erin said “but I knew it was going to be worth it,” Erin said. 

     Coming up with the routines takes a lot of effort. 

     “It takes a lot of planning time and watching other squads,” coach Jennifer Jones said. “I look into skill level, talent, and ability for each part needed, also the girl’s availability,” Jennifer Jones said. 

The squad has to wear masks while practicing and they all have a difficult time breathing because of them. The masks also make it hard to yell the cheers.

“I found it very hard to yell and breath with the mask during practice,” Erin said.

     Being on the squad takes lot’s of work; due to Coronavirus it’s harder than ever this season. 

     “I know from coach Jones and the girls that coronavirus made things hard on them even though the parents may not can tell.  All us parent’s have to do is wear masks to watch them perform,” cheerleader parent Amy Gunter said. 

     Coach Jones and the squad put in everything they had for the routine and competition. 

     “It was very touching watching them. They all put so much effort in and to see it come together is amazing” Said Gunter