Doty tackles Coronavirus

Katelyn Ivey and Maya Saldivar, Reporter/Photographer

   The crowd goes quiet as Coach Doty yells the next play to the starting line up. The suspense is rising between players and fans, and Doty can feel the tension. 

   The 2020 football season didn’t start off as everyone expected it to. Due to the Coronavirus, the way players and coaches  have to practice, play, and travel has changed dramatically. Coaches have to resort to taking an extra bus, so the players can stay spread out. Players also have to attach a shield to the helmet to keep others and themselves safe.

   “It’s all about the mask  and social distancing, so that we can really limit the exposure. So, if someone does pop up with a case, it only affects that one person,” Doty said.

   Doty applies wearing masks and social distancing to everything to do with football such as watching film, practicing, or traveling to a game. The Coronavirus might have changed everything, but the coaches and players are still going on as normal as possible.  

  “We want to show them what hard work and loyalty looks like by being consistent and growing together as a team,” Doty said.  

   The ability to shape the team for future endeavors as they go on to become great men , husbands and fathers one day is fulfilling. 

 Doty says he will not know how he impacted the lives of his players until later in the future, when he sees them grow up and become men.

 “I will not know who the great leaders or players are until I know their future because it is all about what job they go on to pursue and if they have a family. It depends on the future and how they turn out to be as an adult,” said Doty.