Honeybees prepare for regional quarterfinals


Cinthia Ruiz, Reporter

   Come on guys, just one more point. Coach Douglas screams as the scoreboard shows 24-23 Honeybees winning. #10 Jaylee Matthews serves the ball over the net and the ball keeps passing from one team to the other until #5 Landri Withers spikes the ball and the players from the opposite team miss it. Honeybees win 25-23 and are now district volleyball champs.

   The Honeybees varsity volleyball team is one of the top 20 ranking high schools in Texas after becoming regional qualifiers.

   “It’s definitely an honor that the girls are getting some kind of credit they’re having for the success of what they put in,” Douglas said. 

   Even though the Honeybees were defeated at regional qualifiers, Douglas doesn’t think the season is closed until state semifinals are over. 

   “I don’t think we’re over it yet. I know I’m not, I know the girls aren’t. We still talk about it.” Douglas said.

   The Honeybees’ mental focus before a game depends on how well they play. 

   “Sometimes I feel nervous just because I want to do good but I mostly feel excited.” Middle Blocker,  senior Alee McClendon said.

   Libero, senior Cali Carter is very proud of Douglas’ work.

   “We were doing really well especially because we were in a winning streak. Every win we take it different, I mean there were big ones, little ones,” Cali said.

   Making the regionals playoffs was such a challenge.

   “I was really excited, some of the games were hard but I’m just happy with the wins we had over the season,” Alee says.

   Douglas’ thoughts when teams would tie during a set would be tense.

   “Mainly I’m looking to set a point ahead and hope that works in your favor,” Douglas said.

   The first win of the playoffs season was success after so much work.

   “We’re grateful and we love to see another day. Of course, just thankful to be in this situation, to be able to come out with the W and happy for the girls that have worked hard for it all year,” Douglas said.

    Cali is very proud of Douglas’ work. 

    “I look up to her alot and she influences me with the best advice,” Cali says. 

    Alee is grateful for Coach Douglas effortness.

    “She always pushes me to work hard, even on days I feel off, she expects me to do my best and be encouraging,” Alee said.

    Coronavirus has changed in the way in which Douglas would have practices.

    “We did our best we could, mostly with the ‘norm’ of the masks and sanitizing. Thankfully, we never got to cancel a game for us because the girls stayed healthy,” Douglas said.

    Volleyball has been a passion for both Cali and Alee.

     “It’s a different feeling when you’re a senior from an underclassmen, mostly during the playoffs season. The feeling is energetic, mostly because the ‘this could be my last game’ thought comes into my mind,” Alee said.

     “My advice for the upcoming varsity players would definitely be to always work hard, you never know when your last game would be so you want to give it your all,” Cali said.