New auditorium creates excitement


Laine Watson, Reporter

 When the community of Stephenville voted for the 60.8 million dollar bond, it provided for a new state of the art auditorium for the students. Even though the current auditorium is still in good condition, it was time for a change. 

   Mindy Pope, theater teacher, has worked in Stephenville school district for 20 years, and she is very ecstatic about getting a new auditorium. The new auditorium will have many new features such as lights, fly system, scene shop, and 1200 seat capacity. 

    “I really thought I would retire in the current theatre,” Pope said. “I’m so excited to work in the new space.” 

   The incoming auditorium will be compatible with handicap individuals in need of getting to the sound booth and on stage.

   “Right now if you are in a wheelchair or on crutches, you can’t get up on the stage,” Pope said. “Well you will in the new place, there is a side ramp to the stage and the sound booth.”   

   There are many clubs and organizations that use the auditorium on a regular basis such as band when they perform concerts. 

   “I’m very excited for all the big space the new auditorium will  have,” band member Mia Davila said. 

  Another new feature is the balcony which will be able to close off for multi purposes.

   “It will close off with a curtain and turn into a meeting space,” Pope said. “We could have faculty and club meetings there, part of giving it a dual purpose.”  

   The maintenance department kept the current auditorium in good shape. It was the auditorium itself that was the problem.

“Our maintenance department and administration have done a great job with keeping our current space in great condition,” Pope said. “The auditorium is just outdated and too small.”

   The old wooden uncomfortable auditorium chairs will be no more. 

   “It will have nice cushioned seats, it’s going to be comfortable,” Pope said. “With side lights on the chair so you will be able to see the floor when you come in.” 

     The auditorium will impact kids lives in and out of school preparing students  going into the real world. 

   “We will use up to date equipment and facilities which will get them more and more ready for college and professional theatre,” Pope said.