FFA member wins Social Systems scholarship at State Fair


Tyra Boudreaux, reporter

   After working hard for the past five years, Morgan McKenzie was able to win the Social Systems Division Champion Scholarship at the Agriscience fair held at the State Fair of Texas, Oct. 2019. Morgan joined FFA in the eighth grade because her family has always had a background in agriculture, and she has always been very passionate about it. 

   “It allows me to pursue my passion while being able to participate in something within the school,” Morgan said. 

   Morgan worked for a month on her Ag Science Fair project. She started by conducting a survey to get the results, ran some statistics, and wrote a research paper about them. After getting all the information, she had to make a board with the information to present to the judges. 

   “At the contest, you’ll have three to four judges, and they will ask you questions about what you found in your research,” Morgan said. 

   In the contest there are six divisions with certain judges for each one. Morgan competed against 13 others in her division. The judges pick one contestant from each division who will then move on to nationals where there will be a first, second, and third place winner. 

   “The support system within the FFA gives you a sense of belonging,” Morgan said. “No matter if you win or lose, in the blue and gold, we all have the same opportunity and the same passion.”