Player of the Week Russell promotes hard work, encouragement


Autry Russell gives Coach Swenson credit for pushing him to be his best self.

Kenna Luttrell and Asia Hays, Staff Reporters

By wanting to be there and pushing himself even in practice, freshmen Autry Russell, number 70, found himself a position as a center on the freshman B team. Being a center, Autry is the innermost linemen on the team which takes a lot of hard work and patience. Russell says one coach in particular has really helped him.

   “Coach Swenson , he’s just an overall good coach. He has made me a better player just by always pushing me to better myself at not only football but just everyday life and school,” said Russell when asked who motivates him the most.

    Of course each player plays an important role and has to work together like a well oiled machine to keep each other positive and motivated.

   “I’d say I bring encouragement to the team. When someone gets down, it can easily affect the whole team , so it’s important to keep everyone encouraged,” Russell said.

   It’s important to keep your teammates positive, but players also have to take time to ensure they’re taking their own advice whenever they’re struggling.

   “Honestly I like to pray about whatever’s happening. I like to pray before every game. I also pray during the game if i am having a hard time, whether it’s mentally or physically.”