Player of the week, Aguilar strives to improve


Jorge Aguilar loves being a part of a team and family.

Tyra Boudreaux and Maya Saldivar, Staff Reporter

   Jorge Aguilar started out playing football in junior high because he wanted to be a part of a team. This year he is a junior in high school, and this will be his fourth year playing football in Stephenville, Texas. He is the first person in his family to play football in Stephenville. 

   “All I want to do is make my family proud,” said Aguilar.

   Aguilar plays left guard on offense and tackle on defense. 

   “I have been working and improving my tackling,” said Aguilar.

   Aguilar says he has improved since last year. 

   “I am getting better at tackling, blocking, and trying to pull more weight during practice.”

   Aguilar works hard to make his family proud, improve his skills, and better himself everyday.

“My goal is to be better every day, improve my work ethic, and make my family as proud as possible.”

   Aguilar says his favorite thing about game day is getting to tackle the other players.