Golfing “fore” fun

Sydney Russell, Sports Reporter

On a hot spring day, golfers take in the sun as they practice their swings. They put down the tee and place the ball in just the right position, getting ready to swing. Competitors yell “fore!” letting everyone know to look out.

  In 2018 the girls golf team qualified for the regional tournament, and in

2017 a Medalist; (individual golfer) qualified for the regional tournament. This years golf team has been working hard and trying to improve every day.

  “What I love most is working with kids in a sport that I have a passion for and watching them develop a passion for golf,” Williams said.  “What I dislike the most is not having the facilities to do better instructing.”

  Being held in a high regard by her players is one of Coach Williams greatest achievements.

 “Having a rapport and the respect of the students is my greatest accomplishment,” Williams said.

  The golf team has a close relationship with each other, almost like a brotherhood.

  “Our biggest strength is team comradery and one of our weaknesses is the lack of depth in experienced players.”

  Golf is a team as well as a individual sport but there’s also more to it.

  “They also compete with themselves,” Williams said. “It is difficult and frustrating to know what you need to do but can’t always do it.”

  During the season, these athletes work hard to get their skill levels where they want them.

  “We practice every day at the golf course and the golfers play and practice often on their own on other golf courses,” Williams said.

  Some students play multiple sports but that doesn’t stop them from playing golf.

  “The athletes that play another sport and want to try to play golf are encouraged to come out and try it,” Williams said.  “Sometimes it is difficult to practice both sports enough to be as successful as they would like to be. We encourage them to try it as long as they are being successful in both.”

  Off and on the field, students are  expected to do their best.

  “Athletes are expected to put their academics first and to keep up their grades while practicing and competing,” Williams said. “Good behavior is imperative!  Super important!”

  Staying inspired is usually not a problem for these dedicated players.

  “It is fairly easy to motivate golfers because no matter how well they play in a round or a tournament,  they know they could have done better and expect that in themselves,” Williams said.

  Coach Williams enjoys golf and supporting kids.

  “I love the sport and I love to coach,” Williams said.