High School Generations

Kaida Tomlinson, Writer

 Stephenville Independent School District has been here for a long time, so it’s more than likely that students are related to former students in a way other than siblings. As for me, my cousins attended Stephenville High School. The oldest, Devin, graduated in 2010, while the younger, Dayton, graduated in 2013. In the six years neither of them were here, some changes were made at Stephenville High School, and some things stayed the same.

  Parking for us Stephenville students is a bit of a sore spot because there is no easy place to park, and it was just as difficult for students over six years ago. Most students would agree that the easiest place to park is on the road, but Devin thought the easiest place for him to park was “by the Ag building”. As for Dayton, he would agree the easiest place to park is the road, but his senior year he was the first class to be able to reserve and paint a parking space which he said helped a lot.

  A couple of weeks ago, Dayton dropped food off for me at lunch, and was shocked at the amount of security the school had. He remembers being able to just walk out the school, and not have anybody notice, but now with cameras and somebody always sitting in the front its next to impossible.

  One of Devin’s most vivid memory is having “ISS every year for getting [his] phone taken up”, and while he and I were talking, he realized that it doesn’t happen anymore which made him jealous. Being able to have our phones out at school is one of the changes Devin realized the school has made.

  Our school has been around for awhile, and it’s always changing and trying to improve. Even within a six year period the atmosphere of the school has changed in order to keep up with a growing society. My cousins and I talking about the change the school has made has showed us how much the school has improved.