Slice of our opinion Caam’s Pizza Review

Alison McCabe and Helen Mata

Caam’s is a relatively new restaurant right off the square (in Stephenville) that focuses solely on Neapolitan style pizza and sandwiches.

As soon as we walked in, we were amazed by the atmosphere. The layout is open. The outside sitting area was very pretty and had nice seating.

The employees were very friendly and were helpful while we were ordering. Although the pizza took a while, it was worth the wait. The pizza was very cheesy and had a lot of toppings. The fact that it’s brought to you straight from the oven gives you a more comfortably satisfying taste.

There are only a few downsides but don’t worry, the positive overrules the negative in this case . There isn’t very good parking unless you park across the street from Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. Even then, that parking lot isn’t in the best condition. There’s a spot where rebar is sticking out of the ground that could definitely damage your car. Another thing is that the pizza is very, very greasy, which is expected considering it is freshly made.

Overall, the experience was a good one. We highly recommend you visit Caam’s.