Senior profiles

Alfonso Moreno, Sports Writer

Nathan Diedrich


  I signed with Hardin Simons University to play football.”


   “ I really liked the campus and the atmosphere of it and how it made me feel at home.”


  “My goals are to finish my degree and get a good paying job.”


  “ I plan to major in business and minor in education.”


 Trevor Easter

  “I like the campus and the coaching staff ; also the educated programs they offered was big part of my decision to richland.”


  “I like the campus and the area its in. The campus was pretty new and was quite large.”


  “I want to play college baseball and try to sign with a large school after my 2 years.”


  “I plan to major in Mechanical Engineering.”


Lane York

  “ The location and the overall cost of college vs the other colleges.”


  “It’s nice but not as big as some other schools.”


  “To get set in life and basically get money. I want to avoid the life of living paycheck to paycheck.”


  “ I plan to major in Engineering of some sort or architecture.”