Senior Profiles

Seniors discuss future plans

Sydney Russell, Sports Writer

Emily Kirbo


  “Tarleton is a great school, and I loved what I know about their cross country and track program. They have a great coach, and I really like his coaching style.”


  “Living in Stephenville, I get to see and hear a lot about Tarleton. It has made a great impression on me learning all of the great things they have to offer.”


  “My goals are to attend Tarleton State University, run cross country and track, and major in Kinesiology.”


Hannah Huckabee


  “I decided to sign with HSU because of how much the coach seemed interested in me.”


  “My first impression of the school was that it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be like at all. My cousin went to HSU and played basketball, and I always had the impression that I would never want to go there. But after visiting, I realized how beautiful the campus was and how nice all the people there were.”

  “Go to HSU and play volleyball, graduate, and get a good job back in Stephenville if possible.”

 “I’m not sure yet what I plan to major in, but I was thinking about physical therapy.”

Madelyn Heupel


  “I fell in love with the campus atmosphere. Also, I didn’t want to end my soccer career. They offered me a spot, so I took it.”

  “My first impression of HPU was how welcoming and nice all of the students/professors were.”

  “My goals for the future are to become a full time missionary and to love on as many little orphaned kids as I can.”

  “I plan to major in Christian education with an emphasis in Cross Cultural Studies, and minor in Athletic Training.”