Bandersnatch sure to snatch your heart

Alison McCabe, Entertainment Reviewer

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is a choose-your-own-adventure, throwback to the 80s Netflix original movie that was released December 28, 2018.

  If you’re a fan of the Netflix original series Black Mirror, Bandersnatch will be sure to “snatch” your heart. It portrays the 80s so accurately that you’ll feel like you hopped right out of a time machine. From choosing what song to listen to, to deciding who has to jump off of a balcony, Bandersnatch will definitely maintain the viewer’s attention.

  Bandersnatch focuses on Fionn Whitehead (Dunkirk), starring as Stefan, and his journey creating a video game based entirely on a novel where you make the decisions for a well known company. Throughout the storyline, the novel writers crazy beliefs slowly begin to feast on Stefan’s mental health and causes him to go a bit insane.

  The concept of choosing what Stefan does is quite contradicting because the concept of the movie is that your entire life is already “planned out” and you have no free-will to make your own decisions. Stefan becomes aware of this due to Maze Runner’s Will Poulter, starring as Colin Ritman, former video game programmer, opens Stefan’s eyes to the world of deception and tells him that a company called P.A.C.S. is poisoning, recording, and controlling everything they do. The author of Bandersnatch, the novel the video game is based around, also went crazy due to believing that there are alternate realities and that if you die, you are still alive in infinite other realities.

Bandersnatch provides you with various decisions to make. With every decision, comes two different options that will alter the way the movie goes. And yes, there are wrong answers. It’s very rare for two viewers to have the exact same experience.

  The acting boosts the score of the movie from an A to an A plus. Fionn Whitehead’s lack of emotion greatly emphasizes the melancholy and gloomy tone of the movie. His reactions and swift movement into action when you make a decision makes you really feel like you’re controlling someone in real life. Will Poulter’s certainty in what he believes in portrays him to be someone to trust in and follow. Overall, the acting was absolutely impeccable.

  In conclusion, Charlie Brooker, the writer, has created another movie to add to the list of genius masterpieces. If you are an adventure seeker and are looking to experience a new type of movie, Bandersnatch was made for you.