Day in the life of vice principal

Former teacher, coach takes on bigger role

Ariawna Burt, Feature Writer

  What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “Vice Principal”? Is it hard work and dedication, or is it strict and stern? Being a Vice Principal can be hard work, from being considered “the bad guy” to having to make tough decisions in order to better the school.

  Being a problem solver, setting schedules, doling out discipline, and making evaluations are all daily roles for Mr. Hamilton.

  “The responsibilities are endless,” Mr. Hamilton said. “Describing it and trying to pinpoint every little thing from the time the doors open to the time they lock are nearly impossible.”

 Casey Hamilton, also known as Coach Hamilton or Vice Principal Hamilton, grew up and went to high school in Goldthwaite Tx. He went to college at Tarleton State University in Stephenville Tx.

  “I got my bachelors in Kinesiology at Tarleton,” Mr. Hamilton said. “Later I went back and got my masters in Educational Kinesiology and also got a masters and certificate in Educational Administration.”

  Becoming a Vice Principal wasn’t always the dream job for Mr. Hamilton. He explained that as you get older your goals in life are altered.

  “Growing up, my dream was to become a Game Warden, but then I became a teacher and coach for 11 years,” Mr Hamilton said. “Overtime my family values changed and I wanted to be with them more.”

  Now that he is a Vice Principal, he can no longer coach. He enjoys his new role for the school, but explains how there are some experiences you just can’t quite get like you would being a coach.

  “I coached football, basketball, and track,” Mr. Hamilton said. “I miss the positive relationships with the kids, and all the grind, sweat, and tears we put in during practices and games. Our athletes are such positive, hard workers.”

 Mr. Hamilton still goes to all the games, but explains that it’s hard not being on the sidelines anymore. However, he finds ways to be involved.

  “I’m an administrator on duty at football games and basketball games,” Mr. Hamilton said. “It’s tough, at our home football games I had to make sure everyone was doing what they were supposed to. I didn’t get to watch a lot of the games, but the next morning I got to watch the film online.”

  About four years ago he started his assistant principal certification at Tarleton. After that he got put into some roles at the junior high that allowed him to “get a taste” of what it was like to be a vice principal educationally and career wise.

     “I liked it,” Mr. Hamilton said. “Over the years I got the chance to learn from the assistant principals and principals that I’ve been under. Including both Mrs. Traweek and Mrs. Englert.”

  The role of a Vice Principal is not always fun and games. You instantly become “the bad guy”. Even with all the negativity being thrown on him, he loves his job and the kids.

  “I love Stephenville, and we have great kids,” Mr. Hamilton’s said. “And now I get to make a bigger impact on close to 1,050 students when prior it was about 150 while coaching.”

  Mr. Hamilton believes in making the school great by caring for the students. His priorities are to help the students become the best they can be in life.p

  “If our kids are great and successful, then I’m successful,” Mr. Hamilton said. “I believe in doing all the little things right in order to lead to big things. Every wall is built by a million bricks and if you lay all the little bricks correctly it creates a great wall. So if we do all the little things right, our school and community will remain a great place. Our ultimate goal is to educate and create successful and productive citizens.”

Brittany Taylor
Starting the day, Vice Principal Hamilton looks over his agenda as he prepares for his school duties.