Burn the Wood

Rivalry continues between two teams


Ariawna Burt

Tradition continues to burn bright in Stephenville.

Kailei Pritchard, Writer

The quarterback stands in front of the center, snaps the ball, takes three steps back and throws it. The Stephenville/Brownwood game has begun. Many, many years ago, 1937 to be exact, a rivalry began between two football teams which coined the phrase “Burn the Wood” for community members in Stephenville.

  From 1963 to 1991 Stephenville lost every game played against Brownwood. They had many close games, but never a win for our football team. Then one Friday night, things started to turn around for the Jackets. For the first time in 28 straight years, Stephenville beat Brownwood, and from then on, the teams have been continuing to win and lose games against each other.

  “The rivalry was just between the football teams,” Greg Winder said. “Then it started a rivalry between the fans.”

  This year the game between the two teams was pretty big for coaches as well as the players because it was the first game for district.

  “For us this year, it’s not just burn the wood,” Winder said. “It’s a big game for the district race.”

  The players walk from the locker, ready to start warm ups and to set up in the helmet. The atmosphere is always filled with cheers and the sound of the fan cans shaking loudly across the stadium.

  “The atmosphere is something you have to see,” Jonathan Gutierrez said. “It’s just so incredible.”

  This game is also big for all the fans and students who attend. One player has attended since he was little because of older siblings on the football team.

  “I have been to every Brownwood game,” sophomore varsity football player Trace Morrison said. “I started going when my three older brothers started playing varsity in 2009.”

  As the ball soars through the air, the wide receiver catches the ball and sprints down the field. He dodges every tackle as he passes the 40 yard line. 30 yard line. 20 yard line. And dives for a touchdown. The crowd goes wild as all the boys crowd around each other cheering and bumping chests. The Jackets won the game.

  “My favorite part of the tradition is getting to play with a team that is always good competition,” Morrison said. “And getting to just beat Brownwood was such a good feeling.”