Shaking out truth

Fan Cans ruling


Kailei Pritchard, Editor

  At the beginning of 2018, the administration made a decision that students weren’t allowed to bring propane tank shaker cans inside the gym during pep rallies.

  The ruling was in response to community members approaching principal Stephanie Traweek saying they weren’t able to attend the pep rallies because the cans were to loud for them to come and support the students. The larger propane tanks were the biggest issue. Some students have even been injured from the propane tanks that the students tied together.

  “We hold the pep rallies for the community and the kids to bring everyone together,” Traweek said. “Of course you can bring your shaker can, just not the propane tanks.”

  Traweek wants to take every opportunity to have the community come out and support the students.

  “For everyone that performs, this is our chance to support them,” Traweek said.

  Students oppose the decision for several reasons. Students say the cans were their tradition.

  “It takes away the tradition at the high school,” Mattie Stephens said. “Cans are our thing.”

  Mrs. Traweek explains what a tradition means to the high school.

  “A tradition is something that has been in place for many years,” Traweek said. “It’s something long standing in your district and community. Fan Cans have only been used here at the high school for the past several years.”

  Another reason students oppose the ruling is that students say “this is our pep rally.”

  “I don’t believe it’s fair to take it away from the students,” Diandra Tejada said. “It was such a huge thing at the high school. It feels like taking away our school culture.”

  Traweek explains that a pep rally includes the whole community, not just the students.

“It’s not just our pep rally. Absolutely our student body is in there, and we have people performing, but it’s a connection for the student body with your community,” Traweek said. “We want parents, business members, and community members to be able to come and support the best way they can. We partner with a lot of those here at the high school level. It partly is our pep rally, but it is also tied to other partnerships as well.”

  Propane cans are still allowed at the football games as long as the stadium approves of them. Since the environment is more open, the noise isn’t as unbearable as it would be in a pep rally, which is a controlled environment.

  “I say pack them up and let’s go,” Traweek said. “Let’s shake them at all the games.

  Everybody can go find a blue and yellow shaker can and shake them as loudly as they can. You can scream and holler with the cheerleaders during cheers and class yells. We are supporting everyone in these pep rallies, the football team, cross country, band, stings, volleyball, and cheer.

  “I want everyone to have a blue and gold shaker can,” Traweek said. “You can find them anywhere and you can bring your voice.”

  School spirit is a big thing for the school and you don’t have to have propane shaker cans at the pep rallies to be loud.

  “I love school spirit,” Traweek said. “I’m blue and gold through and through no matter what time of year it is. At pep rallies, we are going to get loud, and at the football games, we are going to bring our propane tanks and support the football boys.”