Fourteen million outcomes, but only one will save the universe

It was the only way…

Fourteen million outcomes, but only one will save the universe

Andrea Garcia

Please don’t read this if you haven’t seen the movie, because there are many spoilers ahead.

What a finale, am I right! All Avenger movies have been leading to this point: when a few great heroes come together and defeat evil.But unlike most people expect, the heroes don’t win, and half of them turn into dust and disappear into thin air, along  with our hopes and dreams.

In Avengers: Infinity War, the Avengers unit joins with the Guardians of the Galaxy to fight against their deadliest enemy yet, Thanos, who is searching for the six Infinity Stones that control space, power, time, mind, soul, and reality. With these Stones, he wants to destroy half of the universe.

From beginning to end, the movie was action-packed almost to the point where you couldn’t take any more, but you couldn’t help yourself. First, Thanos kills Loki, and even though he was an awful guy, I couldn’t help but shed a few tears. Then it seemed that Thor was dead too, and at that point I was sobbing. Of course, I thought it couldn’t get worse, but then Gamora is taken by Thanos. He has to sacrifice the thing he loves  most in order to achieve the Soul Stone, and—you guessed it, folks—he only loves her, so he ends up killing her and claiming the stone.

Then, Doctor Strange, the keeper of the Time Stone, looks into the future to see the fourteen million possible outcomes, and in only one will the Avengers win. Thanos isn’t far behind, so Iron Man, Spider-Man, Star Lord, and Doctor Strange create a plan that will give them enough time to distract Thanos and get the stones that are in the Infinity Gauntlet. The plan fails and Doctor Strange ends up surrendering the stone for Stark’s life. Thanos leaves and goes straight for Earth, where the last Stone is. He acquires it and kills half of the human race, taking with him many Avengers who disappear into ashes.

I loved this movie. It’s by far the greatest creation from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I can’t wait to see the sequel, which is to come in 2019. I recommend you watch this movie. It’s a five out of five, and deserves a Golden Globe for best movie of the year. The directors guide the movie along so well that everything seems so perfect.