Girls soccer bring home gold

Alfonso Moreno

 On April 13, 2017, the two best teams in the state of Texas faced off for girls 4A soccer state championship. Stephenville, having their best season, went into state finals with a record of 17-4 and Bourne with a record of 16-3-1. The Honeybees played an unforgettable season with the hopes of bringing home Stephenville’s first ever soccer state championship, and they succeeded.  

  Head coach, Casey Weil is very proud of the way the players have progressed and played as a team. He has coached the Honeybees for 11 years and during this time never won a ring. This year’s team was different and they proved it on the field.

  “I would say the main thing that made this team special was their ability to come together as a team,” Weil said.

  The majority of the team was made up of freshmen and a couple upperclassmen who were noticed as the leaders of the team. Having more freshmen was a worry to Weil at first, but he knew he could trust them to play well and help the team win.

 “It was a concern, but the senior leaders took over and our team came together and started playing great when we needed to play great,” Weil said.

  To be able to reach the goals they want to accomplish the team has to practice harder to get better.

  “This team is the hardest working team that we have had since I have been at Stephenville High School. We have changed many things that we have done in our off-season to make us stronger and faster than many of the other teams that we play,” Weil said.

  Going to state is the second biggest accomplishment for a coach and winning is the biggest. Weil can put checks next to both. He is very proud of the team and will always remember the 2016-2017 Honeybee soccer team. Weil and the Honeybees not only won against Bourne 2-1 to win their first state title but also set a school record with 25 wins.

  “It was extremely gratifying. It is really neat to be associated with the only soccer state championship for Stephenville High School. I am proud for all of the girls and their hard work that they have put in for so many years and the 25 wins,” Weil said.

  The Honeybees are 11-2 overall so far in the 2017-2018 season.