Track season comes running into SHS!


The heat pours down on the hot track, waiting for the runners to place their spikes on the turf.

Marianna Reyes, Sports reporter and Photographer

   The students line up at the beginning mark, anxiously waiting for the shot from the gun to signal the beginning of the race. Tension fills the air as each competitor strives to outrun each lane. From the adrenaline pumping the blood in their veins to the sweat drops across their forehead, the runners use every muscle in their body to compete at their highest ability.

   “The runner’s times are really good. There’s great competition for some spots on varsity and I’m really pleased with all we’ve accomplished this early in the year,” Coach Mike Copeland said.
   From the first practice meet in Midlothian Heritage to the last Bluebonnet Relays these young athletes have been working hard to improve their abilities in every way possible.
   “We work hard to get better everyday. Monday through Thursday we run from about 4:00 to 5:30, and on Fridays, we do a little running on the grass and sprint relays work hand offs.” Copeland said.

   These athletes train their minds and bodies to break down their strengths along with their weaknesses and learn how to improve.

   “My weakness in track is definitely my finish, and my strength is my stride length. I know that I can work on endurance to strengthen my weakness though,” Chloe Goodman said.

   These students seem to inevitably fall in love with the sport in many ways. Having a strong passion seems to better their athletic abilities by motivating them to compete at their highest abilities.

   “Everyone here is like family and we all work together well. Although I feel nervous sometimes, my team always motivates me, especially when I’m at the starting line, I have a lot of adrenaline, but when I’m done competing, I feel proud of what I did. They are proud of me too,” Leilanie Gorospe  said.

   This year’s team appears to be as good as last year’s. They continue to make strong efforts to better their athletic abilities, by long practice hours, good communication between coaches and athletes, but most of all hard work and dedication.

   “Last year we qualified many girls for regionals and ended as second in the district as a team. We qualified about 20 girls for the area meet and 15 for the regional meet.” Copeland said.

   These athletes have been improving every day in the short time the season has been here and will continue to throughout the school year.

   “My lean is so much better than it was at the beginning of track season and i’ve learned how to stretch properly which really has helped my muscles, my sprinters insurance for sure has improved drastically as well,” Celine Haller said.

   In a huge region- from El Paso to Kennedale then Amarillo to Brownwood, the competition is great and tough.
   “It’s a huge and very competitive region we’re in with a lot of good track teams in it, but I know here we have some of the best athletes in the state,” Copeland said.