More than an extracurricular activity

Junior dedicated to sports medicine


Noah Hansen

Trainer Cinthia Ruiz heads out to a game to help the players with injuries.

 The big stadium lights shine down. Crowds cheer all around. The ref’s whistle blows. She

rushes out with green water bottles and wraps a football player’s ankle.

This looks like a professional doctor at work, but this is Cinthia Ruiz doing what she loves:

athletic training.

     Cinthia has participated in athletic training since freshman year.

     “To join athletic training, I had to write an essay, and when I got in, I was really excited and

happy about it,” Cinthia said.

     Cinthia’s main supporters for all her athletic training are her parents and one of her best

friends, Daniel.

     “My parents have been with me since the beginning.” Cinthia said. “They have always

 pushed me to do new things. Daniel has been a big supporter because I look up to him and he 

is always there for me.”

     Cinthia is the head athletic trainer for the varsity volleyball team. She goes to all the home 

and away games, as well as all the practices.

     “Doing athletic training for the volleyball team is very calm,” Cinthia said. ”I just make sure 

that they don’t get hurt and pass out water to them when they are on the bench.”

     Cinthia also does athletic training for the varsity football team.

     “There is a lot more going on in football than volleyball,” Cinthia said. “There is a lot more for

players to get hurt. For the team, pass out water, clean wounds, and help them stretch when

they feel they are cramping up.”

     When Cinthia first joined athletic training she didn’t just have excitement, but she also had

some concerns.

     “When I first joined the team, I was nervous because I didn’t really talk to any of the football

players. I also didn’t talk to the volleyball players either,” Cinthia said.

     Overall, Cinthia has had a great experience with the athletic training team.

     “Athletic training has really helped me with connecting with people I don’t normally talk with 

as well as form bonds with the player I helped and the other people on the athletic training 

team,”Cinthia said.