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A classic. A game that took the internet by storm.


  That’s right. This edition’s game is Although is considered “old” by many, it is one of the most iconic and influential games of the past 10 years. Simply type the name of the game into the address bar of your browser and you’re immersed in an “every man for himself” environment dominated by colorful blobs, absurd screen names and hundreds of other players.

  The game is simple: in the game’s main mode (called “FFA mode”), you guide your “blob” around with your mouse in order to eat smaller blobs. That’s it.

  Of course, there are some obstacles such as the sharp, green “viruses” which can only hurt you if you are larger than the viruses themselves. When you’re first starting out, use these viruses to your advantage as shields.

  Stay away from the players who are bigger than you. Some other players might even try to coax you in by throwing out mass from their blob (you can do this also by pressing ‘w’ on your keyboard). Don’t take any chances.