February Horoscopes


Lively energy is with you this month, dear Aries, and is particularly interesting for your love relationships and friendships. Mars in your sign all month long is energizing – you’re ready to take on a challenge, and you’re interested in innovating, being the first, and taking the lead. Venus in your sign attracts rather than pursues, so you have both yin and yang energies going for you now. Life is exciting!




There is a bigger focus on career and responsibilities this month, dear Taurus, but a lot is going on behind the scenes in your life with both Venus and Mars steaming up your privacy sector. You may be working on a project on your own or enjoying privacy in your love life. Support for your career, or a whole new vision of where you want your professional life to go, comes now. Career matters can be especially fruitful in February, particularly in the first three weeks of the month. A new opportunity might present itself on the lines of work or career, or a project opens up and shows signs of moving forward. Professional charisma runs high, but try to avoid situations that could lead to gossip.



You can find many reasons to feel encouraged and positive about the direction of your life this month, dear Gemini. Very warm and positive energy is with you for sharing viewpoints, spending time with others, creative expression, and learning. Think non-routine for best results. The ordinary simply will not do! You need to feel inspired, and the good news is that you’re likely to get what you wish for. For some, there may even be a romantic or especially fun connection to someone far away. You have a lot of energy to pour into friendships, group projects, or goals this month, and these areas of life can be particularly dynamic. Personal charisma and creativity in group settings are potent. There can be dating opportunities through friends and groups.



February is excellent for getting in touch with your innermost desires, dear Cancer. It’s also strong for taking the time to plan and strategize rather than charge ahead, although this can change by the last week of the month. You are a student of human nature this month, including your own. You have little interest in superficial things and relationships. Your strong connection to family or an intimate relationship is prominent now. There can be restored faith and optimism in the important people in your emotional life.



February stirs up the need for significant developments in your life, dear Leo. A Solar Eclipse awakens a desire to start fresh and embrace a new and improved lifestyle, and a Lunar Eclipse activates an urge to change your personal image in a manner that reflects the inner changes that have been in the works for the past six months. Partnerships are in sharp focus this month and are particularly supportive and spirited. February is a strong month for socializing, connecting, and enjoying the people in your life. Openness and generosity are the keys to success right now and can lead to new levels of understanding, or simply generate a good feeling of growth, in your relationships. Be sure to reach out and move a little out of your comfort zone for best results. This comes easily with both Venus and Mars in your adventure sector.



The month ahead is excellent for work, health, research, and intimate relationships, dear Virgo. You are sharper, more directed, and focused than usual. Mind you, any suspicions that you may be a workaholic will probably be confirmed this month! You are making a serious dent in your “to do” list. On a personal level as well, you quite naturally deemphasize those connections and pursuits that are superficial. You mean business! Fortunately, you have plenty of cosmic support for your efforts, as long as you pay attention to the message of the Lunar Eclipse on the 10th – you need to make time for spiritual and emotional renewal as well.



February is a dynamic month for personal relationships and self-expression, dear Libra. The increasing openness in your interactions enhances your connections. The best version of yourself shines through in your love relationships and business partnerships at this time. It’s a powerful period for improving or attracting a romantic relationship. Your major focus is on partnership and putting your personal agenda aside for the time being. Stimulating and spicy moments with others are par for the course in February. This can also be a time for a positive buzz surrounding your creative projects or ideas, which are catching on well.



You can be enormously effective this month when it comes to your work, duties, and health, dear Scorpio. You might solve problems related to your home and family as well. You’re in great shape for taking care of business, getting work done, and getting over emotional hurdles. You are radiating an expectation of success which helps you attract positive results. You’re focused on making improvements, moving forward, and enjoying the simple things in your relationships. Charisma on the job leads to social opportunities or recognition for your creativity and flair. Seek a companion for pursuing health and wellness goals.




February brings you a potentially excellent time for learning, sharing, and creating, dear Sagittarius, and you might look forward to a particularly exciting and playful month ahead. Networking can bring rewards or opportunities, although excesses in your social life may need some curbing. You enjoy others’ company more than usual in February, particularly in the first three weeks. The month brings abundant opportunities to enjoy entertainment, art, hobbies, and romance. Your charm is natural and finds an adoring audience. When you extend help, graciousness, and courtesies this month, you open up opportunities to expand your world. You benefit from word of mouth this month more than usual. There can be new ideas and plans that gain support and momentum.



The month ahead is excellent for sorting out your personal life, dear Capricorn, as well as for mental acuity regarding practical and financial matters. In January, you were rather focused on new beginnings and innovations, but this month, you’re looking to build and develop new plans and projects. Even though career matters are strong for you, and they will continue to be for many months to come, it’s just fine, and quite beneficial, for you to deemphasize them a little this month. Money and work matters can come together nicely in February. Your pride in your work and talents is intense, and you may be looking to use your assets more to your advantage.



February is a potentially fabulous month for you, dear Aquarius, with the Sun and Mercury visiting your sign as well as Venus and Mars harmonizing with Aquarius. Communications and learning are favored, as well as short trips, communications equipment, and transportation. Your love life can be particularly active with the lines of communication opening up wide. You’re also attracting people and opportunities to you through your ideas, wit, and intelligence this month.



The month ahead is excellent for progressive ideas and initiative in business and with money, dear Pisces. You are discovering new ways of earning, spending, and saving money, and it’s exciting! Look for creative ways to develop talents and build your resources. In the first few weeks of February, although you are not moving forward quickly in many other life departments quite yet, events behind the scenes are at play, conspiring to get you back into high gear. In fact, you’ll have plenty of opportunities this month to boost your spirits and emotional health through healing activities, rest, and loving or supportive relationships.



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Illustrations By: Christie Basson, Editor in Chief